Arizona's LIttle Hollywood

Sedona and Northern Arizona forgotten film history

60 FILMS. 680 PAGES.


Broken by his life in America, German
immigrant Johann Augustus Suter
collapses on the steps of the US
Capitol in the Nazi Western Der Kaiser
von Kalifornien
, filmed in Sedona and
the Grand Canyon in September 1935


Sedona, Arizona, played host to more than sixty Hollywood productions from the first years of movies into the 1970s. Now for the first time, Arizona’s Little Hollywood tells the tale of each of these films in fascinating detail. This small town served as a kind of microcosm of Hollywood history—heavy on westerns, to be sure, but also liberally salted with the fantastic stories now part of movie lore and legend.

From the earliest days of silent movies—when directors were first learning what filmmaking was—through the years of B westerns, World War II propaganda, film noir, and the Hollywood blacklist, little Sedona has been a silent but stunning backdrop. In these pages you’ll see Joan Crawford chewing her way through the famed red rock scenery; follow in the hoofprints of equine divas; learn the inside story of Elvis Presley’s casting as a half-Navajo cowboy; and meet stars and luminaries from John Wayne to Art Carney, Robert Mitchum, Joseph P. Kennedy, Gene Tierney, John Ford, Howard Hughes, and Mickey Rooney.  more>>

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